Alzheimer Society. There's so much to hold on to. Alzheimer Awareness Month January 2014
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See your doctor

We can’t stress this enough! That’s why we've made early diagnosis the theme of our awareness campaign. Getting checked early is the best thing you and your family can do to live well with dementia and plan for the future. There are so many benefits to getting a diagnosis and the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

It's important to make the most of your doctor's visit and not be afraid to ask questions. Try writing down as many details as possible that best describe your changes or concerns. Are you having trouble finding the right words or recognizing people you know? Do you find it more difficult to drive in familiar places? Are you finding it harder to follow conversations or simple instructions?

It's also a good idea to note any medications or supplements you're taking, and be sure to jot down any other questions you want to ask.

To make your doctor's visit easier, download our printable Preparing for your doctor’s visit checklist. We recommend that you complete the list with a family member in case they've noticed symptoms you might have missed.

Video: Mary McKinlay on how early diagnosis can mean access to effective treatment
Video: Dr. Francine Lemire on why you should see your doctor

Get more information about making the most of your doctor’s visit, or to talk to someone at your local Alzheimer Society, go to Find help near you.