Alzheimer Society. There's so much to hold on to. Alzheimer Awareness Month January 2014
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Early diagnosis keeps your life from unravelling

Did you know that almost half of Canadians affected by dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, wait too long to be diagnosed? A diagnosis helps in so many ways. That’s why we encourage you to see your doctor sooner rather than later. Knowing what you face helps with planning, getting the right medication, care and support. It also helps you and your family prepare for the road ahead.

But when it comes to seeing a doctor, sometimes fear and stigma get in the way.

That’s why, during Alzheimer Awareness Month and throughout the year, we’re letting Canadians know about the benefits of being diagnosed early, and helping them understand that there’s life after diagnosis. Finding out early helps individuals and families reorganize their lives so they can live well with the disease.

Video: Watch our current public service announcement

Knit one, help many

Have you ever heard of knit-bombing? It’s a form of street art where things like trees, statues and fire hydrants get covered in knitting in a colourful show of community. We’ve drawn our inspiration from this unique art form to help spread our message. That’s what the knitted figures you see on our site and in our ads are all about.

We think it’s a creative, reassuring way to help you or someone you know get past the fear of dementia, and see that there’s still lots of life to live after diagnosis. More on knit-bombing and how you can help spread the word.

Building awareness about Alzheimer’s disease

We're kicking off a new Canada-wide campaign to provide important information for Canadians and their families who may be living undiagnosed with dementia or are worried about developing the disease. Find out more.